WJBF's “Local Living” Segment with Our Developer


The growth and development at Savannah Lakes Village is something to talk about! The unfolding story of our community caught the attention of producers of the Local Living show, a local lifestyle and home-related program that airs on WJBF, the local ABC affiliate in Augusta, Georgia. This video features a brief conversation between Local Living host Ana Christina and the principles of our development partner, Jim Walsh and Robert Bradley.

If you are considering a move to Savannah Lakes Village, the WJBF clip is a quick preview of the community and the kinds of move-in-ready new homes and condos that our development partner will be offering.

This video was originally released on WJBF and posted here:

For your convenience, we have provided a transcript of the video:

Ana: Hey everyone, welcome back to Local Living. I'm Ana Christina and I'm joined by Jim and Robert of Savannah Lakes Village Real Estate. We are actually in Savannah Lakes Village, and I want to introduce everybody to this hidden gem. It is absolutely gorgeous out here! You're continuing to revitalize and do some work out in this area. Let's talk about it. Break it down for people that aren't familiar with it.

Jim: Ok, Thank You Ana. Savannah Lakes Village is a 4,200-acre master planned community. There's a map behind me where [you can see] we've got two championship golf courses; we sit on Lake Thurmond, a 70,000-acre lake with 1,200 miles of shoreline; we have a 23,000 square foot Recreation Center, indoor/outdoor Olympic-sized pools, six tennis courts, exercise facilities, theater room — there's something to do for everybody.

Ana: Right. It's incredible because if you live here, then you have access to all of those amenities, right?

Robert: That's right Ana. When you purchase a home here at Savannah Lakes, you have no initiation fees for the golf courses or the tennis courts or the Recreation Center. We call it a "value proposition" — other people may call it "bang for the buck" — but we would put this up against any other community in the country.

Ana: It is absolutely gorgeous out here. If you haven't been out here, you need to get out here. And I know that you guys are doing a lot of work too, revitalizing. Right next door used to what? and tell me what's going in?

Robert: Well the original developer — this is a mature community that's almost 30 years old, so we have 90 miles of roads and utilities with high-speed [gigabit] Internet here. Originally there was an 80-room lodge that is now dated (they're small rooms and what have you) but it sits right on the lake here with its own beach, and there used to be a little beach club over there. Those are quite dated now, so we're going to be tearing those down and building new luxury lakefront condos.

Ana: So you have options when it comes to living out here because you have condominiums, you have homes, you name it, you can provide it.

Jim: Well, we were very fortunate. When we closed on the transaction, we weren't sure that we could attract regional builders. There are local builders here that have been building homes for the last 20 years. They've built anywhere from 20 to 40 homes a year. We were able to attract Ivey Homes and Keystone Homes, both award-winning builders out of Augusta, Georgia. They're going to come up, they're starting next week, they're breaking ground on ten spec homes. We anticipate increasing that velocity to where they could build 50 to 100 homes a year each.

Ana: Wow, that's incredible. And I know if you are interested in coming out to visit, what should people do?

Jim: Well, this is our new, revitalized sales center, so you would contact one of our brokers. We're focused on selling home packages, putting more rooftops up here. Right now, the community has probably 1,200 homes that are already built and probably another 1,200 lots that are sold to people that are paying their fees that have yet to still build a home here. [To begin the process with] the new homebuilders...you sit with the brokers and you work out a home package. We can get the homes [built] starting from the mid-$200s to whatever size [budget] you want. Both Keystone and Ivey have terrific houseplans on their websites, so you can either buy one of their spec homes, or you can get an 1,800 square foot home or a 2,500 square foot home or a 3,200 square foot home, you just pick off of their plans.

Ana: They can make it happen. That's amazing. Well listen, if you have any questions or need more information, you can go to the information on the screen. Thank you guys so much for introducing us to this property.

Jim: Thank you very much.

Ana: We'll be right back with more on Local Living.