Outdoor Adventure Club Hike - Sadlers Creek
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Let's take a hike at Sadler's Creek State Park on Lake Hartwell near Anderson, SC on
Saturday, February 18.  The address is:  940 Sadler's Creek RD, Anderson, SC 29626.  GPS Coordinates: Long: 82° 49' 7.44"W , Lat: 34° 25' 17.24"N.

If you are interested, please sign up at the front desk notebook at Recreation Center, Directions & Park Maps available.  There is a $2 per person admission fee for ages 16+ and $1.25 admission charge for Seniors 65+.  You need to pay this fee at the little pay box as you enter the park.  So make sure you have the right change.  Park hours on Saturdays are 7:00 am to 6:00 pm.

The Park has two trails: One is a paved hiking trail that is a 1/2 mile loop. One is a biking trail that is 6 miles.  However, we are going to leave from the Park Office, walk on a paved trail and along the road a little over .5 miles where we will enter the biking trail.  We will walk a 3.68 mile loop through the woods and along Lake Hartwell on the bike trail and then return to the Parking at the Park Office via the road and paved trail.  Upon completion of this hike, you will have hiked a little over 4 miles. There are geocaches in the park if you wish to go on a treasure hunt. There are two nice restrooms at the Pavilion where the Park Office is located.  I think there are a couple more restrooms in the picnic area next to the office. Directions will be available at the Recreation Center front desk notebook if you would like to pick them up when you register.  We will meet at the Sadlers Creek State Park Office Parking Lot at 10:30. If you want to carpool, feel free to check the sign-up sheet to see who is going.
Outdoor Adventure Club Hike - Sadlers Creek
Saturday, February 18, 2017