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Tennis Mixer & Notes
By George McKee


By George McKee

STRIVE NOT TO BE A SUCCESS BUT RATHER TO BE OF VALUE.” Albert Einstein in The Arizona Republic

Mixer.  The Mixer for the end of April was cancelled due to an inadequate number of possible attendees. It is doubted that this is a nefarious action but it is another first and let’s hope it is a trend that can be reversed or we will have to change the name of this article.  There are those that want to play equitable tennis, there are those that want to play more games, there are those who don’t play because they feel that if they do they have to be a host, there are those that do not like to play with someone of a lesser rating and there are those that don’t like to play with someone of a greater rating while the juxtaposition of playing with mixed partners of any rating and enjoying the day and, of course, the food and drink is good enough for most of us. Social tennis not competition is the idea. It may be bad timing that the Mixers come on the last Saturday of the month this year which means the date of the May Mixer may be changed to avoid Memorial Day weekend. Let’s hope not. Maybe the Tennis Committee should be flexible and make a schedule at the beginning of the year instead of having it on the last Saturday of the month.  Give your ideas to the Tennis Committee and the Director of Recreation.

Lady Lakers.  The Lady Lakers competed in the USTA 3.5 league for seniors 50 and older.  The ladies captained by Sally Perkins played five teams in the Greenwood area and came in second to a strong Grand Harbor team that went undefeated during the 10 match season.  Congratulations ladies.  See picture.

Men’s 3.0 Team.  Captain Frank Rousseau took his team to Hilton Head to play in the State Championship.  They made it to the semi-finals before being overwhelmed by a strong Hilton Head team.  However, they spread the word about Savannah Lakes Village and had an enjoyable time all at their own expense.

Tennis Wins Golf.  Four tennis players showed their versatility and course management skills by winning the Blue Flight in the Lions Club Golf Classic. Jon Bogert, George Goodwin, George McKee and Ron Younts worked together and supported each other in the tournament held at Hickory Knob State Resort Park on April 25, 2011. They had 5 birdies and one eagle to post the lowest score.  Their prize was not as large as that presented at the Hooter’s Tournament but it was just as gratifying. A “tennis group” has participated in just about every local golf tournament in the past five years and this is the second time that tennis came out on top.

Heard on the Court.  It was reported that one male player chastised his partner for calling a ball good that he had called out.  The same was heard when the ladies were playing.  If you read Rule 14 of The Code it is the proper thing to do.  Rule 14.  Partners’ disagreement on calls.  If one partner calls the ball out and the other sees the ball good, they shall call it good.  It is more important to give your opponents the benefit of the doubt than to avoid possibly hurting your partner’s feelings. Writer’s note: To go one step further, if the player that sees the ball in does not call it then it is cheating.  It is the responsibility of those playing to call the balls on their side of the court. To say they did not see it in singles means the ball is good.  To say they did not see it while playing doubles (particularly on a serve) in many cases is a cop out. Rule 5 says, “A player calls all shots landing on, or aimed at, the player’s side of the net. Normally the receiver calls the sides of the service box and his partner calls the back line because each has the better view of where the ball lands.  Neither an opponent nor a spectator has the final say; it is the player’s responsibility.