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UPDATED 2/19/2020, 11:55 A.m.

COVID-19 Community Update - 2/19/2021

Dear SLV owners,

If you have already completed the SLV COVID-19 vaccination survey, thank you! Responses to date indicate that at least 868 people in SLV have received vaccination for COVID-19. Here is a visual summary of our results thus far:


We expect more have been vaccinated since we last promoted the survey, and we want to continue our efforts to understand the COVID-19 vaccine coverage in Savannah Lakes Village and get an accurate count.

Here is what we ask for the survey process going forward:

  1. If you have already indicated you received the vaccine in the survey, we have logged your response. You do not need to take the survey again.
  2. In households with multiple individuals, please have one person complete the survey for the entire household. For example, a wife may complete the survey indicating that there are 2 people in the household and 2 have received the vaccine. There is no need for the husband to also complete the survey.
  3. For households where one individual has already reported vaccination on the survey, please complete the survey again and only include the number of additional individuals vaccinated.
  4. If you have only received one of two vaccine doses, please complete the survey as if you are fully vaccinated. We will make the assumption that anyone receiving the first dose will complete the process and receive the second dose as well.

If you have not yet taken the survey and wish to report receiving the vaccine, please click the button or link below to access this brief one-minute survey:

Take the SLV COVID Vaccination Survey

The direct URL for the survey is:

Thank you for your participation.

Yours in Service,

Kirk Smith
Savannah Lakes Village
Ofc. 864-391-4116
Cell: 864-378-5816

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