Community Map

Looking for a map? Our community map is a great resource if you're interested in the area. Helpful to property owners and guests alike, we think you'll find it useful.

Download SLV Map

This map is a 2-page PDF that is about 3MB.


Real Estate Inquiries

SLV Real Estate Sales & Development Center
101 Village Dr.
McCormick, SC 29835


SLV Community

Savannah Lakes Village
5812 US Highway 378 West
McCormick, SC 29835


Tara Golf Club

300 Country Club Drive
McCormick, SC 29835

For tee times, call the Tara Pro Shop at (864) 391-4115 or Book Online.

Monticello Golf Club

1148 Barksdale Ferry Road
McCormick, SC 29835

For tee times, call the Monticello Pro Shop at (864) 391-4175 or Book Online.