Site Reference

For those admins working on the club's Web site, this page will serve as a handy reference of your fonts, site colors and images sizes in order to maintain consistency.


Font Name Font Size Color Purpose on Site

Heading 1

Georgia 30px  #564029
This font is to be used as a main title font in the main content area. 

Heading 2

Georgia 16px #386086
This is a smaller version of your heading 1 font. This should be used for text whose importance is second to the page title. 

Heading 3

Georgia 14px  #564029
This font is intended to be used as a subhead font.

Heading 4

Georgia 14px  #386086
(Royal Blue)
This font is intended to be used a smaller subhead font.
Heading 5
Arial 14px  #386086
(Royal Blue) 
This is another subhed in an all caps style.


Arial 14px #85725f
This is the main font of your body copy.
Link Arial 14px #606b32
(Moss Green)
The link tag should be used with your Normal font.



Site Colors (Added to color pallette)


Dark Brown
Brown Gray
Moss Green

Widths of note:

Sidebar: 200 pixels max width
Content Area: 552 pixels max width | 430 pixels max width on home pages
Banner Images: no max width (images are cropped at 1400 x 386)
Public Homepage Slideshow: 990 pixels max width
Inset Photo Album: 230 pixels max width

Site Imagery

In Image Explorer, there is a folder labeled Site Imagery Reference that houses all of the photos CE used for this site.

Main Banner Image - 1400 x 386 pixels - These images sit atop the content area on content pages. Please use proper dimensions for these photos in the banner image area.

Photo Album Image - 230 x 160 pixels - These images appear in the photo album on the member home page. The photo album plugin is set to cap width at 230 pixels.

Thumbnails - 120 x 87 pixels - This is an example of a thumbnail image used on the public homepage home page. Please keep thumbs small and follow width guidelines for the page.

Public Home Slideshow - 990 x 420 pixels - These images comprise your signature image collection.

Email Header - 600 x 130 pixels - This is a graphic to be used with email communications.