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River Grille Specials | October 3, 2017 - October 16, 2017

  October 3 - October 16

BBQ Pork Shoulder Sliders

Slowly roasted Pork shoulder from Brook wood farms topped with a Hawaiian coleslaw with crushed Pineapples. This dish comes with 3 sliders and your choice of side.  $8.99  
Chef John Says "The inspiration for this dish comes from my love of southern regional cuisine. The Slowly roasted Pork shoulder from a locally sourced farm adds to the delicious flavor only our southern cuisine heritage could provide."

Grilled Chicken S.L.V

Grilled Chicken topped with a basil butter sauce which includes, julienne prosciutto, Cremini mushrooms, and goat cheese, with a garlic white wine sauce. This dish comes with your choice of starch and vegetable. . $14.99

Chef John Says "For those of you looking for a fantastic tasting Grilled Chicken dish this is the one for you. The flavors of this dish well complement each other. The basil, prosciutto, cremini mushrooms, goat cheese with a garlic white wine sauce will tantalize your taste buds."

Linguini with Prince Edward Island Mussels and Clams

Fresh Mussels from Prince Edward Island and Clams tossed in a butter, garlic, white wine sauce tossed with Linguini.  Served with garlic bread and your choice of vegetable. $15

Chef John Says: "For those of you who love classic Italian dishes, this recipe is for you. The fresh P.E.I. mussels and Clams make this one a winner!"

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