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SLV R&GC Range Schedule Weeks of June 12 and June 19

Range Schedule
For weeks of June 12th and June 19th

***********Range hours are 9:00 am until 1:00 pm.*************

IMPORTANT! Please call the appropriate Range Officer of the day you plan to shoot no later than the prior evening to coordinate the time you want to shoot.

There is a ladies group that shoots every Friday at 9:00 am for approximately one hour and a half. We have all levels of shooters. Just call the ranger on duty so he can expect you.

Activities in June:
June 17th Home Firearm Safety Class 8:30 RC
Let Mark know you would like to attend.

June 24th Defensive Shoot 10:00 Range
Lots of fun & learn how you react with a small bit of pressure. Let Mark Young know you would like to give it a try!

Call these guys for a fun-filled time on the Range:

Week of June 12th through June 17th

Monday June 12 Josh Sandt
Tuesday June 13 Mark Young
Wednesday June 14 Charlie Watts
Thursday June 15 Brad Allen
Friday June 16 Del Owen
Saturday June 17 Al Gaer

Week of June 19th through June 24th
Monday June 19 Larry Bonam
Tuesday June 20 Joe Balenger
Wednesday June 21 Rick Banker
Thursday June 22 Len Azzarano
Friday June 23 Del Owen
Saturday June 24 Defensive Shoot- Range closed for individual shooting

Range Officer    Home Phone    Cell Phone    Email Address 
 Len Azzarano
  864-391- 4270
 Brad Allen   864-391-5796   864-902-9537
 Joe Belanger
 Larry Bonam   864-391-8095    484-888-8930
 Bob Cooper   864-391-3733   864-602-9222
 Rick Banker
  864-391-0069   864-399-3645
 Tom Costarino   864-391-8391   703-635-8669 
 Norm Francavilla
 Al Gaer   864-391-5895   864-941-7369 
 Charlie Watts   864-391-8003   803-645-1770 
 Wayne Schollenberger   864-391-2376    570-417-6380 
 Larry Slater   864-391-3985    864-993-2995 
 Alex Watts               864-391-8006   864-992-6896
 Mark Young   864-391-5529    864-378-3339 
 Steve Blevins
 Del Owen
  864-391-3485   864-378-2377
 Keith Creswell

 Josh Sandt

Your 2017 Board Members       
Mark Young    391-5529 
Wayne Schollenberger     391-2376
Sandi Bonam
Wendy Kvale


Ken Wiles


Janie Clark


Mark Klosterman
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